Friday, May 4, 2012

Chapter Questions - Letters 1-4 and Chapters 1-5

Letters 1-4
  1. Who is Robert Walton and what is revealed about his background?
  2. Who is Margaret? '
  3. In Letter 1, what reasons does Walton offer for making his voyage?
  4. At the beginning of Letter 2, what is Walton in need of?
  5. What traits does the lieutenant on Walton’s ship possess?
  6. What kind of man is the master of Walton's ship?
  7. Who is the "Ancient Mariner" referred to near the end of Letter 2?
  8. What does Walton plan t take on his voyage?
  9. What attitude does Walton reveal to his sister in Letter 3?
  10. What is unusual about the first words spoken by the stranger Walton tells about in Letter 4?
  11. How does Walton describe the stranger?
  12. What news of Walton’s arouses the stranger's interest?
  13. What is the stranger's reaction when Walton says that he will allow nothing to interfere with his journey of exploration? What does the stranger propose to do for Walton?
  14. Why does the" stranger feel that the polar region is an appropriate setting for the telling of his tale?’
  15. What is Walton’s plan?
  16. What literary devices are used to close the journal entry of August 19?

Chapter One
  1. How does the stranger describe his parents‘character traits?
  2. Why do you think Shelley waits until this point to reveal the stranger's first name?
  3. What do Victor’s parents give him as a gift?

Chapter Two
  1. How do Elizabeth and Victor differ as children? '
  2. Who is Henry Clerval, and what are his interests and goals?
  3. Whose works does Victor pursue in his reading and studies? Why? Why does his father disapprove?
  4. What effect does a violent thunderstorm have on Victor when he is fifteen?

Chapter Three
  1. Why does Victor's father want his son to study at the University of Ingolstadt?
  2. What last requests does Victor's mother make before she dies?
  3. How does Victor cope with the death of his mother?
  4. When it is time for Victor to depart, why doesn’t Henry Clerval accompany Victor to Ingolstadt?
  5. What realization comes over Victor as soon as he leaves his home? '
  6. Which professor does Victor favor—Krempe or Waldman? Why?

Chapter Four
  1. What discovery does Victor make while at the university?
  2. How does Walton react to news of Victor‘s discovery? How does Victor respond to Walton? '
  3. What warning does Victor give Walton about the discovery?
  4. What drives Victor on to the creation of a being like himself?
  5. What details is the reader given on the construction of the creature?
  6. A very short paragraph near the end of Chapter Four reads: “But I forget that I am moralizing in the most interesting part of my tale, and your looks remind me to proceed." What purpose does this paragraph serve?
  7. What words in the last paragraph of Chapter Four express a warning of what is to come?

Chapter Five
  1. Describe the setting on the night the creature comes to life. What mood is created by the setting?
  2. Describe the creature.
  3. What is Victor’s reaction to his creation? Why?
  4. What happens after Victor rushes to his bedchamber?
  5. At this point in the story, which character invites sympathy--Victor or the creature he has made? Explain.
  6. What idea do the lines from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" convey to the reader?
  7. What does Victor do when morning dawns? Whom does he meet?
  8. Why has Henry Clerval's father allowed him to go to Ingolstadt?
  9. How does Henry’s character offset victor’s character at this point in the story?
  10. Why does Victor dread returning to his apartment with Henry? What does he find once they arrive there?
  11.  Describe what happens to Victor as he and Henry wait for a servant to bring breakfast. How does Henry respond?
  12.  What does Henry do during Victor’s ensuing illness?