Thursday, May 3, 2012

Modern Science - What would you do?

Medical ethics in regards to medical practices and medical research is a current topic with much controversy. The questions facing our generation in regards to these issues are hugely important and will have gigantic repercussions. These issues are also prevalent in Mary Shelley's classic gothic-horror novel, Frankenstein. In light of that, consider the following questions:

  • Would you accept an organ from an animal in an experimental surgery?
  • Would you allow a microchip that contains and transmits all of your personal info (address, family history, health data, financial data, spending habits, etc.) to be implanted under your skin?
  • Would you use genetic science to predetermine your child’s hair and eye colour, their sex and their IQ?
  • Do you support human cloning?
  • For males: Would you allow the fetus of your future child to be implanted into your abdominal wall, and then carry it, to term and deliver it by C-section?
  • For females: Would you wear a diamond made from the cremated remains of a loved one?
Discuss your assigned question with the group you have been assigned to.

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