Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter Questions - Volume 1, Chapters 6-7; Volume 2, Chapters 1-7

Chapter Six
49.     What new character is introduced in Elizabeth’s letter to Victor? '
50.     Why is Elizabeth's letter important to the story?
51.     Why does Victor desert his study of science? What study does he pursue? Why?
52.     What is Victor’s mood after his tour of Ingolstadt with Henry? Why does he praise Henry?
53.     How does Victor’s mood and his praise of Henry build suspense at the end of Chapter Six?
Chapter Seven
54.     What bad news awaits Victor in his father’s letter?
55.     Why does Elizabeth blame herself for the murder?
56.     Why does Victor come to believe that his monster is responsible for William's death?
57.     Why is Justine accused of the crime?
58.     Why is Elizabeth particularly miserable after Justine’s arrest?
Chapter Eight
59.     How does Victor react to Justine’s trial‘? What does this show about Victor’s character?
60.     What is the result of the trial? '
61.     Why does Victor accompany Elizabeth to Justine’s prison cell?
62.     Why does Justine confess to having murdered William?
63.     When does Victor plead for Justine?
64.     What warnings for the future does Victor give after Justine’s death?
Chapter Nine
65.     What thoughts does Victor have about his monster as Chapter Nine begins?
66.     What does Elizabeth say that upsets Victor? Why does it upset him?
67.     Why does Victor leave home, and where does he go?
68.     How does Victor's trip affect his spirits?
Chapter Ten
69.     Why does Victor decide to climb the glacier Montanvert?
70.     How does Victor describe the monster’s approach on Montanvert?
71.     What impression does the monster give when he speaks?
72.     What does the monster request of Victor? Why?
73.     Why does Victor agree to listen?
Chapter Eleven
74.     What are the monster’s first memories?
75.     What is the purpose of the footnote “The moon" in Chapter Eleven?
76.     How does the monster say he learned to live in the world?
77.     Describe what happened when the monster enters the village.
78.     What are the advantages of the monster’s hiding place?
79.     What does the monster first observe about the family?
Chapter Twelve
80.     Why does the monster decide to keep himself hidden from the peasants in the cottages?
81.     How does the monster show his capacity to care for others?
82.     What kind of knowledge does the monster gain from the cottagers? Why is he eager to have this knowledge?
83.     Why is the monster horrified when he sees his own reflection in a pond?
Chapter Thirteen
84.     Describe the new character. How does her arrival benefit the monster's education?
85.     How and what does the monster learn about the human race?
86.     How do the monster’s emotions change as he gains more knowledge?
Chapter Fourteen
87.     Why doesn’t Shelley mention the name of the old man, De Lacey, sooner?
88.     Describe Safie's connection with the De Lacey family.
Chapter Fifteen
89.     What are the first books the monster reads, and how do they affect him?
90.     What is the significance of the papers the monster finds in his clothing?
91.     What plan does the monster make?
92.     What happens when the monster reveals himself to the cottagers?

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