Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chapter Questions - Volume 2 Chapter 8 - Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter Sixteen 
93. What happens to the De Laceys?
94. Why does the monster set fire to the De Lacey cottage?
95. Where does the monster decide to go after burning the cottage?
96. What happens on the monster’s journey that further hardens his heart against humans?
97. What happens when the monster reaches Geneva?
98. The last sentence of Chapter Sixteen is “This being you must create.” What is the significance of this sentence?
Chapter Seventeen 
 99. Who begins the narration now that the monster has finished his story?
100. How does Victor initially react to the monster’s demand?
101. How does the monster reason with Victor?
102. What is Frankenstein's decision to the monster’s demand? What oath does Victor ask the monster to swear to? Does the monster agree?
Chapter Eighteen 
103. What are Victor’s feelings when he returns to Geneva?
104. Why does Victor want to journey to England?
105. What does Victor’s father want him to do? Why? What does Victor reply?
106. Why is the trip to England particularly pleasant?
107. Why does Victor use the past tense when he speaks of Clerval in the paragraphs above and below the Wordsworth quote? What can the reader infer from the use of that tense?
Chapter Nineteen 
108. Why doesn't Victor like to be around other people in London?
109. Why do Henry and Victor decide to leave London?
110. What route do Henry and Victor take to Perth?
111. Why does Victor settle on the Orkney Islands as the place where he will work? Chapter Twenty
112. Why does Victor destroy his second creation?
113. How does the monster react to the destruction of his bride?
114. How does Victor dispose of the remains of his second creation? What happens to Victor after this? 115. What is suspenseful about the ending of Chapter Twenty?
Chapter Twenty-one 
116. Who has been murdered? How was the victim killed?
117. When Victor finds out who was murdered, what happens to him? What does he say that sounds like a confession?
118. Who is Mr. Kirwin, and how does he treat Victor?
119. What is Victor’s reaction when he is told that a friend has come to visit him in prison? Who is the friend?
120. What has Mr. Kirwin done to help Victor at the grand jury inquiry?
121. What is the outcome of the grand jury inquiry?
122. Where does Victor’s father now take him? How does Victor describe himself on the journey?

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