Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chapter Questions - Volume 3 Chapters 5-7

Chapter Twenty-two 
123. What confession does Victor make to his father? What is his father’s reaction?
124. What does Elizabeth ask in her letter to Victor? What does she offer him? Why?
125. What does Victor assume are the monster’s plans for his and Elizabeth's wedding night?
126. What does Victor promise to tell Elizabeth on the day after their wedding?
127. Where do Victor and Elizabeth plan to spend their honeymoon?

Chapter Twenty-three 
128. How does Elizabeth die?
129. Where does Victor see the monster? What does the creature do when Victor spies him?
130. What does Victor tell the magistrate? What is the outcome of their conversation?

Chapter Twenty-four 
131. What happens when Victor visits the graves of his father, William, and Elizabeth?
132. Where does the pursuit of the monster take Victor?
133. How does the monster encourage Victor during the chase?
134. What is meant by the phrase “Walton, in Continuation"?
135. How is Victor able to justify to himself his early treatment of the monster?
136. Before he dies, what final advice does Victor offer Walton? What does this show about Victor's character?
137. When does Walton meet the monster?
138. Why does the monster suffer over Victor's death?
139. How does the monster plan to end his life?

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